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First Time Pregnant

So I got my BFP last week and first doctors appointment this morning for confirmation. Baby due on the 3rd May - its all starting to feel real now.

I know this is very early to start a thread but this is my first pregnancy, so thought it would be good to have a place we can all come to share our ups and downs.

Here's to a H+H 9 months!!




  • Congratulations on your bfp imageimage

    I also got my BFP last week - after 2.5 years of ttc and I am also due on 3rd May (hubby's birthday). We are over the moon, happy but terrified at the same time as I've been having quite a bit of cramping..

    I am sure it won't be long before other May mummies join.

  • Hi ladies can I join? Had my BFP yesterday image my edd is 11th of may image

    Happy and healthy 9 months to us all image

  • Yay! Mummy30 - Hopefully there'll be a few more ladies joining us from the August thread...

    Hi May13 - Congratualtions! Fantastic news after 2.5 years! xx image

    I've been having a bit of cramping too. At the moment I'm finding it quite comforting, feeling like something is happening rather than nothing. I've told myself I'm not going to worry unless it gets painful. 

  • Hi id like to join floating between due in april and due in may as from my lmp im due 29 th april but i have a feeling it may be early may xxxx

    Im 5+5 today x
  • Congratulations girls! I'm from march13- cant quite believe there's a may one already!

    Good luck for the first trimester!x
  • Hi girls, congratulations on your pregnancies!

    I'm tentatively joining you, tested very early and got a very faint line. I'm 8DPO today. This will (fingers crossed) be my second baby, I've got a 10 month old girl already. Due date will be 17th May, very excited!

  • Ooh can I join?! My edd is 3rd May, popular date! It will be our 3rd baby and we're very excited. Congratulations to you all!
  • Wow so many babies due in may already image

    Any of you ladies ever suffered with spd before? I had it with my dd and I'm sure it's starting again image but surely it's too early as I'm only 4+1?

    I hope it's not otherwise its going to be a long and painful 9 months image

  • Great! Hello ladies! The more the merrier. Hey @gilbertDGimage

    This is my first baby, so it will be nice for me to have you ladies of wisdom to ask my silly questions image I'm 5+1 today and busy decorating! (Not the baby room yet, don't panic! Lol!) image

    @Broodyshoes, Congrats and fingers crossed you get that line coming stronger and stronger! I got my first faint line at 8dpo too. xx

  • Hi, congratulations to everyone!

    Could I join you ladies too?

    I got my bfp today! Think my due date will be 12/05/13.

    This will be my third baby, I have a daughter who is 12 and a son who is nearly 10. Have been ttc for nearly a year, I'm so pleased to be joining u ladies.

    Happy and healthy nine months to u all!
  • Hi Ladies could i join too? This will be our second baby and i think im due 3rd may xxx
  • Yes! Welcome, welcome, welcome..... How are we doing with symptoms today?

    I can't seem to eat apples and have gone completely off diet coke! First day of feeling a bit sick today too image

  • Welcome too all you ladies, it's nice to have you all sharing the same journey image

    So my symptoms were well and truly here last week but have disappeared over the weekend image I'm a bit worried because I had 6 mc before conceiving my ds....

    Any of you ladies had symptoms then have them just disappear? Xx
  • Hey ladies

    I got my bfp last week after 6months ttc - completely thrilled, only thing is I am having lots of lower abdominal cramps - phoned the doc this morning and she said this was totally normal in early pregnancy so long as I wasnt having bleeding (which I am not) - am a bit paranoid (having had a few chemical pregnancies in the past) and a worrier ! Have a few symptoms but they do seem to come and go - ie nausea on and off and breast tenderness on and off.

  • Mummy30 I'm exactly the same! last week I had lots of symptoms, sore boobs, lots of backache and cramping and by 10pm I was knock out, but symptoms seem to be lessening by the day. Backache has gone, cramping has eased off and boobs are less sore each day. I did feel a little sick this morning but nothing major. Never experienced morning sickness with my other two, so fingers crossed I don't with this one.
  • Hello, count me in.

    Think we are due 9th of May, but I could be wrong.

    After the MC in June, my bits when crazy, but we got our BFP on saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed this one sticks in there!

  • EB150 I was the same last week really painful cramps and back ache but it's gone now image.

    Nat1980 I'm glad I'm not the only one who's symptoms are coming and going...

    Feeling very queasy again tonight sounds silly but. Would rather have sickness than no symptoms makes the pregnancy feel real image

    Claire sorry about your mc keeping my fingers crossed you have a sticky bean image

    Hope every one else is doing well?? Xx
  • Hi Everyone!

    This is my first pregnancy and I think I'm due on 4th May, very excited and hoping all goes well.

    No symptoms so far other than lots of tiredness. Wondering when I'm going to 'feel pregnant'??

  • Hello Ladies!

    @Lucy, Congratulations! This is my first too image I remember a friend of mine saying its strange you don't really feel pregnant at the beginning.

    Good luck Claire531, hope all's well! xx

    I've been feeling a bit sick the past couple of days but it seems to be when I'm tired or hungry and I'm really struggling with people's perfume on the tube! So strong! And I've had mild cramping the last 2 days and have to put a bra on as soon as I sit up! haha!

    I've also found that I can't wear my jeans already, not that I'm showing of course, but I can't stand anything tight around my waist from feeling bloated. image

    Hoping for an early scan as I had a cyst on my left ovary that my previous doctor pretty much ignored. Have another Dr app on Friday morning so am going to ask.



  • Soon2BJacks, am sure my symptoms will start soon. I've not had to deal with a commute yet as I'm housebound with a broken ankle, so working at home for atleast another 2 weeks. Am heading to my doctors next week to start the ball rolling, very excited!

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