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So who's going to do it all again?

I always thought I'd have two children and while pregnant with Lily I still said it. Then I had her and my heart melted! I just couldn't bare the thought of her growing up alone! I now would love 3 and hubby was very much 'hmmmm not so sure'. But now we've got Jacob he has said he's not ruling out a third at all. So we will have a third, but will wait until Jacob's 18 months before trying as I had an emergency c-section and hubby wants to make sure I'm ok. Plus Lily was 18 months we started TTC Jacob and the age gap between them suits us.

So who is going to do it all again? Next time I want my water birth I wanted with both previous labours (and never got for one thing and another)!



  • I think we will. We said we would like 3 but it is so hard at the moment maybe just the two. We won't be doing it until Iz is at least 2 though and we have moved house since we are in a small 2 bed with no extension potential x I also want a water birth next time! Might try for a home birth
  • We will definately be having another, I initially said no after having Daniel, but I definately want a 3rd. We will be waitin til Daniel is two though as we plan on moving to a bigger house by then.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

  • me! me! me! I can't wait to do it all again soon. It'll be a struggle I'm sure but so worth it in the end. It's a shame that the size of our houses stipulate family plans but it's soo true. We definitely can't have more than two in our house and will have to move if we want a third. Still...we can try for number two soon!!! x
  • We will definitely be having a second baby, we talked about it last night and agreed to wait until Harry is 2 so we will start ttc towards the end of next year!

    I would like to have 3 but think I may need to work on that with Hubby

  • Probably start thinking about it in around November. It will be a squeeze in our house though, and can't really afford anything bigger (or another set of childcare) in this area, so it will mean a significant move.
  • Ooo it's so exciting!

    I get excited at the thought of it already! xxx
  • Despite having an awful labour, we will have a second... will try again when April is 15 months...
  • Yep!

    Hubby already has 2 children to a previous marriage, so no more than 2 for me. However, I definitely want 2, and will probably start trying this time next year.

    Despite severe pre-eclampsia, failed inductions, emcs & re-admission a few days after the birth and being extremely ill, I'm not put off!!
  • We will too, and this is despiste a horrific 50 hour labour ending in emergency c section. We will start thinking about TTC when George is 2 I think!
  • we are image

    but not sure when! I would LOVE to try now lol and have a small gap but the thought of morning sickness and the exhaustion with a toddler freaks me out so we'll probs wait till Imogen is in school, so 3 years?

    Loved pregnancy and labour (had a good one) so would always do it again x
  • I always said I wouldn't want my child to be the only one, I was and absolutely hated it. After the horrific labour I said that was it, no more, no way could I go through that again. Now . . . I'm changing my mind again!! How quickly memories fade!

    K + Lyla 5wks

    p.s my name used to be kitty09 but for somereason the new site changed it to something weird. Now I'm Lylasmummy!!
  • We certainly haven't ruled it out. I'm so lucky to have 4 beautiful, healthy children and having at least two of each is what i always wanted (I said i'd keep going till i had at least two of each as i wanted them each to have a brother and a sister and always wanted a large family if you see what i mean.) And although we have that and i'm content with my lot, the thought of never being pregnant and giving birth again breaks my heart at the minute so i can see a fifth and maybe even a sixth child at some point. Although then my practical head kick is screaming - space - expense - which car - school fees etc lol

    Jo xxx
  • after a horrific 60 hour labout, emcs, blood transfusions and a baby with severe colic and reflux i was extremely put off! he was gonna be an only child, however over last few days things have improved and i would like a sibling for him!

    just 1 tho, used to think we wanted 3 but will prob stop at 2!

  • Well we said that would be it this time round but now our little girl is here i'm thinking maybe just one more (and hubby definately won't take much persuading!) We do feel blessed to have our two boys and baby girl but there's something telling me that i should do it all again image

    Obviously depending on finances and stuff i would wait until all of them were settled into school so wouldn't be for a few years. x
  • I said all the way through Pg that I would never do it again - I said the same straight after the birth, but now I can't wait to have number 2 ! I am loving being a mum sooo much that all the pain and pg was worth every second !!
  • no way one is enough for me i love her to bits but am so tired could defo not cope with two ill think about it when shes off to school lol
  • NO WAY! lol

    My 4 boys are enough for me. My baby making days are over image x
  • no were happy with just one lovely healthy little boy!

  • Hmmmmmm.... school's out on that one. We both said 4 was enough & neither of us wanted anymore, but as he grows Im with Jojomummy the thought of never being pg again or having another baby makes me feel quite sad!! OH & i were talking the other day I said something like luke is going to be like an only child as my DS1 is 9 so too old to be his playmate & DD1&2 are very close & play well together all the girlie stuff, teachers, mummies & babies etc. He then asked where would we put another one (ie. we've ran out of bedrooms!) I said sure Luke can share with DS1 he said "Hmmmm...". We have not spoken about it since cause really too early to be thinking about it never mind discussing it, but i was rather shocked at how he's gone from no more never ever ever im having to snip! to "hmmm.."!!

    I may have 4 already BUT they are nicely spaced out & planned that way so each of them got lots of one on one as babies as the other(s) were in playschool or school & ive never found it hard having a new baby nor needed extra help, I could not have a more secure job & I am only 32. Having said all that WE ARE FAR FROM BROODY LOL!!! :lol:
  • I have that same feeling - it upsets me to think I wouldn't have another.

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