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let the nausea and tiredness commence

Hey ladies ( if there is anyone else here) how's everyone feeling? Im a little nervous but very excited.


  • Hi! I'm in here! image due 9th August! I'm feeling ok at present- little nausea waves every so often. Tired- but I seem to be less tired then I was at 3 weeks! Boobies sore- but not too bad! When are you due? Kirsty x
  • Hey kirsty Im due 4th august i think as this was my third month off the pill and my periods were 6 weeks and then 32 days but were 28 days before going on pill so who knows lol. My boobs are so sore and jade the odd bit of cramping. just got my first first midwife app on the 31st and scan on the 2nd of Jan. next 4 weeks are going to drag. is this your first? Nik x
  • Very quietly saying hello! For some reason, feel really anxious about this all going ok and still don't think it has fully sunk in! Just made an appointment to see my GP on Monday who fills in paperwork to start the process - takes forever here to get a MW appointment. Desperate to get the ball rolling so it feels a bit more real. I've been getting horrendous cramps and hip ache. That't it symptom wise though. With my daughter (1 and a half now) I woke up with super human smell, horrendous nausea and could taste metal all of the time. I think I'm due 12th August. Be lovely getting to know everybody. x

  • Here GP wont even see you until your 8 weeks. So I really have a long wait! Prob won't get first scan till 28th jan either image I already have 2- girl who's 13 and boy who's just turned 4. Have been ttc this lo for 2 years and had a chemical last month- so treading carefully!! Will be great getting to know you all! I wouldn't worry about the lack of symptoms- every pregnancy is different! Xx
  • Hi everyone


    I'm due either 31/7 or 1/8.  I have an early scan on the 21st so I should find out a little more accurately then.  I am really looking forward to getting to know you all!

    I had my GP appointment yesterday to fill out the forms for the midwife, so it is starting to feel real now! x

  • Hi all!

    Only got my bfp 2 days ago so am due around 15th aug. This is my 2nd pregnancy, I have a daughter who is 2. I have my GP appointment on Tuesday to gt the ball rolling. Am so excited!!

  • hi everyone, am still feeling really nervous, i have had bloods takin twice now find out the second lot of results tomorrow,

    (due to previous mc/ ectopic)

    iam just praying everything goes well this time, not too sure when due somewhere between the 12-15th aug x
  • Evening ladies, I'm due the 6th August I think. No symptoms at all really (didnt with dd either...she was 2 ten days ago). Been ttc since Christmas last yr, I had a missed miscarriage in july and an erpc at nearly 9 weeks, baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks. So I've a private scan booked for the 18th to check all is ok - my booking apt with me is that day too, I should be 7 weeks then x
  • Hey ladies. I'm the same as all you I'm very nervous. This is my first and its kinda scary because I don't know what to expect and I made the mistake of googling so read all the bad stuff that can happen and its has freaked me out a bit. Finding it really hard not telling anyone lol x
  • hi ladies i just got my bfp a 2 days ago and due 15th aug.. this was our first month trying (well next month was actually meant to be the first month!!) i have 2 boys aged 4 and 2, i like everyone else is very anxious about this pregnany,.. more so than my previous two and im not sure why,looking forward to spending the next 9 months with you ladies!! x  
  • awww, sounds like we all have the same sort of worries! which I suppose is natural so early on. I totally wish we could afford an early scan. would make everything seem so much more real, and my mind would be at ease! I feel like I am constantly knicker watching!!! xxx

  • Hi ladies, can I join you all? I am 4+3 and due 12th August. I have a little boy who was 2 in October. I was off the pill from June and we were letting nature take its course but since it didn't happen that way, I gave took Mother Nature by the hand in November and now we have our bean cooking.

    I too feel like I'm on constant knicker watch. Up here in Edinburgh you give "maternity services" as soon as you get a bfp and they book your booking in appt and first scan dates. I see the mw on 16th January I'll be 10 weeks and have my scan 4th feb at 13weeks. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Fingers crossed and sticky dust to all of us. Xxx
  • Haha. Apologies for the amount of missing words in my post... Lets blame baby brain! I'm sure you get the jist! Xxx
  • LOL- welcome MrsS! image congratulations!  I so wish GP would acknowledge a BFP! but they literally don't want to hear from you at all till you've reached 8 weeks. makes it for a lonely 'am I really pregnant?' time! xxx

  • Hi all, I'm 5+5 today, due August 3rd. I've been tired since about 3 weeks. My toddler is up at the crack of dawn and i work evenings so i'm literally shattered! Nausea has kicked in big time these last 2 days! Not sure how you're supposed to manage morning sickness and a toddler!?!

    I've got my booking in appt with the mw wed 19th when i'll be 7+4. She said it was better to get it earlier rather than later with christmas because if you wait until after xmas, they'll have to rush to get your scan booked for the new year. I suppose that applies to the ladies due earlier?

    Fingers crossed we all make it! Had an mc before my dd so i'm as worrier. Booking a private scan for the 22nd when i'll be 8 weeks! Xmas present from OH!


  • Hi kirvi, yeah feel really lucky that I at least have the appointments booked, but just hope I can keep them. Hopefully have a sticky bean. Just can't wait to hit the 'safe' mark!

    Hi lady2188 - it's difficult with a toddler and the sickness. I struggled to make tea for DS the other night, the thought of cooking made me heave!! That's a great idea for an Xmas pressie... Will run that by DH tonight.

  • mrs s - i am just outside edinburgh(but an edinburgh girl really!)  i havent phoned my docs yet, i really should, i kinda feel if i dont acknowledge im pregnant nothing will go wrong?! stupid i know, i feel so lucky to have had my two boys im so paranoid over this one!

    roll on the end of jan, tho if mu pregnancy is anything like my other two ill have numerous early scans over scares ;/, something im not looking forward too image on a nice note, i will be 21 weeks preg on my bday so will hopefully find out sex then... what a fab bday pressie! x


  • Hi buttons. We may be closer than we realise... I'm outside Edinburgh too. In Midlothian! I know what you mean about acknowledging the pregnancy. I wasn't going to call either but bit the bullet as I wasn't sure of the procedure since having DS. It was really straight forward compared to last time, one phone call and it's all booked! Plus I knew our midwife is always full with the amount on ladies she has, hence why my booking in appointment is at 10+2.

    Fingers firmly crossed that this pregnancy is different for you. And you get an easier start than with the other 2! That will be a lovely present! X
  • Hubby has agreed to early scan!! We want to announce it to family at christmas and I would feel happier doing this once I know everything is as ok as it could be!! Prob looking at getting it booked in on 22nd December- so will be 7 weeks image x
  • Well ladies sickness has officially night!! After a week or so of bad nausea its now at the actual throwing up phase. Feeling so yukky image how's everyone else?
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