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Gender Scan...............

We're team pink!!

am so pleased and can't wait to tell our daughter - she'll be thrilled!!



  • wow how exciting! How many weeks are you? Could they get clear images? We're having ours next Saturday, in so excited! Xx

  • Aww hush congrats.  Mrsallen aww mine is next Monday how far will you be ? Xx

  • image

     It's fairly clear but I apparently have an anterior placenta so as baby was facing outwards it was hard to get a pic oother face!  

    I am 16+2 today, 30 week scan on 19th June!!

  • aww im have mine 16 week 2 next monday whats the 30 week scan for x

  • Good luck for yours then too! It's amazing!

    We're going to have a 3/4d one at about 30 weeks just so both of our children will have the same things in their memory boxes! Xx

  • just realised I'd written 30 week scan on 19th - it's my 20 week one then! Silly me!!

  • thank you hun my 21 week scan is 4 of july xx

  • congrats hushpuppy love the pic shes cutex         i had my 21week scan last week and my baby girl is perfect so excitedimage          21weeks 6days

  • amazing!! congrats!


  • Congratulations, I can't wait to find out it ours is a pink or blue bump image Got my 20 week scan on the 27th so not long to wait now 

  • im having a little boy image xx

  • image

     its a little baby girl image xxx

  • so cute dani evreyone is having a little girls xx

  • There was me thinking it was a boy image cx

  • nearly evreyone  including my self guessed little girl on me and they couldent of been more wrong lol x

  • I've convinced myself I'm having a boy can't wait to find out next week xx

  • aww good luck hun  i was so convinced a little girl but its a little boy i noticed none of myths worked except i dident have much sickness at beginining xx

  • at the start of this pregnancy i thought girl then i thought boy as its similar to my sons pregnancy other than the sickness this time. I was so convinced boy i bought loads of boys bits, now its a girl woops. still im thrilled image xx

  • yey team pink. congratulations dani shes cute, there is some really lovely girls clothes in the shops have fun shopping for her.............24weeks 6days pink bumpxx







    we both thought we was having boys...congrats dani shes cute......      24weeks 6days pink bump.

  • Missl how r u?? See ur having a baby boy!! Congrats Hun!! R u on the Facebook page?? Annem1982 I have my 20 week scan a week on Thursday. Can't wait!!! X

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