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Ladies, advice needed to help a friend with PND

Since I started taking my lo to a Sure Start group back in January, I have become close friends with oe of the mums and we now regularly meet outside of the groups for a natter, to let the babies play together etc. My friend recently confided in me that she has been prescribed anti-ds and is going to weekly counselling sessions for PND. She has said she feels "wrong" being this way as she had a relatively easy pregnancy and birth. I feel guilty at her saying this as the first day we met the group were talking about their pregnancy and birth experiences and I had told the group about the traumatic time I had with having Pre-eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, emergency section at 34wk 5 days then all kinds of issues with lo dad and his family, including being accused of having a mental illness.

I have told her just being pregnant and going through labour is a huge deal and just because she didnt have the complications I did, doesn't mean one of us has more or less right to be finding things harder/easier than the other. We see other two-three times a week and text each other with little bits of funny stuff the babies have done. She knows I'm only a text or phonecall away.

I just wondered if anyone has any advice on what I can do to help her more if possible, anything you would haved liked/would like friends to do to help you.


  • I think the fact that you see her 2-3 times a week and that she has also told you about what she is feeling (which I think shows she trusts you) is a really good start.

    My DD is 18 weeks today and I still haven't got up the courage to even go to any baby groups or anything like that yet as I still feel very detatched from things. I would really appreciate one of my friends coming to see me as much as you visit your friend. I don't really have any Mum friends but it is nice when I do see the friends that I do have (evern though I feel the relationships I have with them now are very different because I don't feel myself).

    I would just carry on doing what your doing and just reassure her that you are there if she needs you or wants to talk- you sound like a really good friend.

    Kim x
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