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I am a mother of 4 who has pnd for the 2nd time around. I was wondering whether anyone else is going through something similar.

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  • Hi Laus, I have a 4 year old and a 10 month old, I had PND with my 1st child and I am worried I am going down that same route again with my 2nd. My PND with my first really reached its peak when my first child turned 1, however I am finding it really hard to cope just now and feel it is creeping back in. I have posted a message today named "I cant cope". I hope you are ok. Have you had it confirmed by your doctor??
  • Hi my name is Gemma im new to this site i have 2 lil girls Chardonay is 5 and Layla is 5 months, i was diagnosed pnd when layla was 6 weeks old i was emotional wreck took it all out my partner who as been absolutley great. starting to feel bit better now just could do with people who know wots its like to talk.hope everybodys ok xxx :\)
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