hubby issues with pnd

Hi there, new to forum
have had issues with hubby after bub born. Cant stand sight of him! is this normal???? Plunket nurse thinks its pnd however i only feel this way towards him. Anyone else know what im talking about????


  • i kinda know, i dont have it towards my partner, but towards his mum, everything was fine before the baby was born but now she annoys me with anything and everything she doesn, i do feel bad, i often make excuses to avoid seeing her! xx
  • i think its all to do with your hormones hun. do you know what in particular bothers you so much? I am now getting over my PND, and i kinda felt the same way. I questioned our relationship, whether that was why i wasnt happy, he continually fustrated me, and our sex life was non-existant, ended up doing it as felt i had to! But its only been the last 2 weeks and its been looking up. Aidan, my LO is now 7 1/2 months. How old is your LO? I wrote a list of what was fustrating me, and tried to explain that x
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