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sensitive bum / wipes

ok im going to start potty training my son soon and well ever since he was tiny he has always had sensitive skin only on his bum, he can only use th huggies pure wipes as all others give him a severe bleeding rash even the sestitive ones. I am a bit reluctant to start potty training as he cant use toddler wips. he tries to wipe his own bum when i change his nappy but because they are the huggies pure wipes they always rip. anyone else have similar issues or know anyway around this?


  • I use reusable Cheeky Wipes.  Check their website.

    I soak them in water with a drop of lavender and chamomile oil, but if he's sensitive to the oil, then I reckon they'd be fine just soaked in water.

    Good luck!

  • brillant will have to invest sounds a lot easier than constanltly trying to find a single pack of wipes thanks. still need to find something for when he uses the big boy toilet so he can try and wipe his own bum properly and learn what to do with it before he trys toilet roll. 

    dont know about camomile but he is definatly allergic to lavander found that out when we used bed time bath he was completely covered in rashes. 

  • Poor wee soul.

    I think they have an alternative oil available as well, but I can't remember what extracts are in it. But if it's no use, I'm sure plain water would do the job just the same.

    Regards something for the big toilet, I just use regular dry toilet roll on my lo.  If they poo straight into the loo there's not much to wipe away anyway as it's not like in a nappy where it'll get mushed up onto their skin.


  • yeah im going to just try them with water would rather be safe. and cool thanks didnt really think about that

  • Mee Mee cotton nappy is made from 100% high quality cotton keeping baby in mind. Baby’s bottom in particular, needs special care to prevent the onset of diaper rash which is most uncomfortable for them.

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