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 I am writing this on behalf of my sister. I didn’t experience this problem with Harry and she didn’t have this with jack either so we are not sure if this is usual or how to try and prevent it. Max who was 2 in December has for some time known when he is wetting or dirtying his nappy and quite often tells his mum.  More recently he has started saying before hand taking his nappy off and using the potty. Liz wasn’t planning on starting potty training but he is taking the lead, so I think she is going to go for it.  However when she has had his nappy of the last couple of mornings, he is so eager to please that every time he goes on it he strains and strains til he manages to do a tiny little poo too!   Liz has tried to tell him that he doesn’t have to poo every time, it is making him a little sore from all the wiping but also he is straining a lot and she is concerned that he will hurt himself if he continues with this. Has anyone else experienced this and how can you stop them without putting them off all together!? Thank you imageimageimage


  • Aw bless him! I dont have personal experience of this,perhaps a reward system purely for ''trying''? Say a sticker if he didnt,and loads of praise and sticker if he did!

    Keep giving plenty of fresh fruit and drinks of water so he doesnt gat any probs or tears whilst he is trying god love him,he sounds a really advanced boy,bless x

  • Yes he has had problems in that department before, he just cant eat bananas or it really stuffs him, liz has a liquid from docs if he gets constipated.

    Her eldest son jack, was potty trained at two and was also dry through the night really quick (miles away with that one for harry although he did well potty training in day time).  So it must run in the family. He is doing grand if he isnt busy but as soon as he is playing with Harry he forgets LOL, think once he has had a couple of accidents he will get better.

     Liz said he hasnt been so bad in trying to strain quite so much every time now, so hopefully he has understood now. 

  • Wow both her boys have done well! Tom didnt do well with night time Charmaine,so I decided to just go for it with Jc and he was dry at night same week he cracked day time,but Tom was different story! Harry will get there in the end hun x

  • I am not too worried yet about the night time thing - he will get there when he does - he did well in the day from almost a year ago now -

    FUnny how different they canalll be

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