pull up sizes

Does anyone know who makes pull ups for small bottoms?  my little girl is only just 19 - 20lb and is two 12 Dec,  

 Born 1lb 9 oz at 26 weeks, so still small and beautiful : )


  • Hi Stellafish,

    Whilst 'pull up' training pants are aimed at larger toddlers ready to potty train there are differences between them.  You may find Huggies better for your DD as they are velcro elasticated sides so you can adjust them slightly (You'd be looking at their Small/Medium size).  Pampers do Easy Up pants in sizes 4-6 but these are not velcro sided (like swim pants).  HTH

  • I really wouldn't recomend pullup's because apart from pulling on and off like pants they are bacically nappies and your kid won't know the diffrence.


    They are a shambles , don't buy them. A kid needs to feel wet otherwise they will take longer to learn.


    Yours helpfully ,


    Kerenza x x x

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