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How can i get my two yr old to poo on the toliet??

Hi my daugther is nearly 3 and ive been toilet training her for 2 weeks now she going well wets though now and then but she wont poo on the toilet she hides and dose it on the floor if she has nothing on or will do it in her knickers and dosnt let me change her. she has a sticker chart for every time she uses the loo is there anything that would help??


  • Hello, Some children have a bit of a phobia about doing a poo best thing is not to put too much pressure on them. My son is almost four and he still uses the potty sometimes, and prefers this to the toilet - although for his birthday he will be giving it up.... I have been building him up to this.. My nephew used to go on the potty fine at 2 years old but he had a difficult one and then wouldnt go at all he now needs some medicine to help keep him loose and he will do it in a pull up but no where else, my sister is working on getting him back on the toilet or potty. Does she see anyone else use the toilet? I think that helps and takes away any fear of this.. Do you tell her off when she does it in secret, if so perhaps try not to make a big thing of it, tell her that its not the right place to do it but not make too much of a fuss, Another little girl I know also only used to do it in a pull up or nappy and when she needed to go they had to put one on her but she grew out of it. Two weeks isnt long to get to do a poo on the potty. Another thing I have read is leave their nappy on and get them to poo sitting on the potty with their nappy or pull up on! Then after they get the hang of that cut a hole in the nappy so that the poo goes into the potty / toilet and eventually take it off, step my step, praising every good effort, although I have not tried this. I am a little confused by your message, is she having accidents all the time when it comes to doing a wee too? If that is the case then maybe you need to stop it for nowand try again in a few weeks time Good Luck with whatevr you do, - dont worry she will get tehre when she is ready to.
  • Thank you theres a few things im goining to try there, shes defentley ready for the toilet she was the one that asked to use the toilet and wear knickers, she is nearly 3 and shes at nursey to she uses the toilet there and at everyone elses house, and when i mean she wets is only like twice a day when shes playing i think its just down to her being a bit lazy. Im just a bit worryed about her pooing in her knickers at nursery and not letting them change her and kyra getting really upset over it.

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