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potty training, please help

hi, im trying to potty train my 2and 1/2 year old boy. so far he's good when we are at home and he's bare bummed. he will go on the potty himself for wees and poos no problem but when i put him in pants he just wees everywhere. tried putting pants on him continually for a few days but i just end up going through so many pairs. feel i cant go out without a nappy on him. as soon as he's bare again he straight back to going on the potty. not sure weather to stick with the pants untill he gets it or just stop for awhile and try again at a later date. would love to hear any ideas people have, thanks xx


  • If you're sure he's ready and can do it at home with no pants I would let him choose some special big boy pants for next time you go out so you have plenty then tell him you are going to practice at home at keeping them dry.  It has taken my girls a good 3 days to catch on that they are better when dry and one became obsessed with changing them every 5 mins but it gets easier if you are only using nappies for bed times.  My girls all managed to be just about able to take out within a week doing this.  It does mean by my 3rd daughter I had about 50 pairs of pants but if you have plenty you don't stress about running out.  I got a folding potty for my eldest to fit into the changing bag with plenty of spare pants and a plastic liner in the buggy and carseat so accidents can be dealt with wherever you are.  Try not to make a big deal of any accidents and praise him for keeping his special pants dry and eventually you will go a whole day with no accidents!

    I've potty trained in snow in February and in hot Julys but it was easier in the winter to convince them to wear clothes over their knickers because she got cold if she didn't put her trousers on but her sisters wanted to run around in just knickers in the summer because it was warm enough!

  • hi, thanks for your reply. im sticking with the pants and have got loads of pairs, he chose some which he loves to wear. still having accidents but seem to be getting a bit better each day. he's just starting to say he needs a wee but sometimes too late or manages to hold the wee for a few seconds but doesnt quite make the potty. hoping this will improve soon. thanks  image

  • My little boy was 3 1/2 before he was really ready.  We tried a few times before that but had to give up. Even at 3 1/2 we had about 10 very bleak days (the staff at Petit Bateau may never forget one particular incident!) but he clearly was getting it and there was improvement every day.  Once we'd committed this time we stuck with it.   "Big Boy Pants" were an important symbol for the whole process for him too.  

    Over a year later he's only just able to realise he wants a wee or a poo 100% of the time and not have to sprint to the loo urgently.  But he was dry through the night from 3 1/2, which surprised us, and has only ever wet the bed if he's ill.  In the early days we would get him up for a wee before we went to bed, which must've helped.  He's such a deep sleeper that this didn't really fully wake him.

    Good luck! 

  • thanks for reply, in the last two weeks there has been great progress. feeling more comfident in going out with him in pants and accidents are becomming fewer. there are days where feel like back to square one but going to stick with it. its like two steps forwards and one back.

    he's telling me when he needs to go now but having to carry potty about everywhere as he usally needs to go right away. can be hard sometimes as also have a 7month old. so cant give 100% of time. not going to worry about nights just yet. one step at a time image we will get there. thanks x 

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