help needed!! 😭

Hello, my son will be 3 this weekend and I'm seriously struggling with this potty training stuff. Day 1 we had a successful wee on the potty. Day 2 a wee and a pooh. Day 3 and onwards he just screams and cries and jumps off the potty and refuses to go, even though you can see he really needs to go. Got a seat for the toilet... He tells me when he's just about to wee and tells me 'need toilet' and runs to the toilet but as soon as I sit him on the seat he screams and cries to get off 😫 It's like this every day now until he eventually does it on the floor. He fights it so hard and gets himself in such a state. Im finding it so hard to continue as it's upsetting me too. I've tried bribes of all kinds, potty in front of the tv. if anyone has any advice itd be greatly appreciated - sorry for the essay 😫


  • If he is getting so frustrated with potty training it's good to take a week break.. understanding it can be  frustrating you as well you have to keep in mind it's actually no different than teaching a child to ride a bike, so if you have frustrations towrds  situation try to hide it. Putting a TV in front of him isn't really the best idea because he will start focusing on the tv instead of actully pottying. letting him put stickers on the toilet and customize it to his likings  May allow him to want to give it another try. Another tip is to put food coloring in the toilet water whatever color he would want he might thinking pottying in blue water is cool haha.  If your son has a favorite stuffed animal  or any toy mimic the toy using the toilet. Now if all else fails  you might want to consider taking him to the doctor the reason I know so much about this is because my brother he had the same problem he did not care about getting a reward for going to the potty or anything we found out that he was circumcised wrong at birth so it hurt him to actually go to the potty he never told us,  and whenever he started getting very frustrated that's whenever we decide to take him to the doctor to get him looked at and that was the problem the whole time.. I hope my reply helped in anyway, good luck.

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