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the begining of success...??

so... i have been introducing the potty to my little girl in bits and bobs. she has been showing all the signs going for months now... pulling pants up and down.. she knows where pee pee and poo poo goes.. she knows when she is about to... she asks to be changed as soon as she has.. et etc.. but the idea didnt seem to click in her little head until today,,,, my sister had her while i went to work and i had a text early afternoon to say that she had asked to go on the potty and had done a pee pee stright away!!!!!!! i was beaming with pride!!!!! and promptly bought her some special peppa pig pants(she has white pants which she is used to but these were a special reward!!).. then tonight she has done the same before bathtime!! now i know this is just the start and there will be many accidents and misunderstandings for a long journey ahead im just so so proud of her!!!!!

well done baby girl!! image xxx

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