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potty training pants or pull up nappies-advice please

Hi there-just wondered on anyones views. Am thinking about starting potty training my LO in the next few months. Have got number 2 due in April and it may mean another section as first delivery was not straight forward and had to have an emergency section. Would it be better to wait til after 2nd born(?also not sure No.1 is quite ready to use potty yet) Also what about potty training pants? Are they better than the pull up Nappies? Does anyone use them? Are they good and where did you get them from? My OH is happy to let me decide when to start and what to use so could do with advice from other mums(don't really know many other mums)
Thanks for any advice anyone has.


  • i've just started potty training yesterday and i've just gone straight to putting pants on my son.
    i think the pull ups are a bit too much like a nappy, i have bought some and i did put one on him this morning when we went out because they have pictures on which disappear when they have done a wee so i thought it would be useful to check him when we got home because even though i'd told him to tell me if he needed the toilet, i wasn't sure if he would tell me or if he would just go in the pull ups. i asked him while we were out if he needed the toilet, to which he said no and i was very surprised to find, when we got home, that he hadn't done anything in the pull ups!! he then went and sat on the potty and did a huge wee (tmi) so he must have been waiting to get home!! very proud mum here!
    as for the toilet training pants, as far as i know, these are just pvc-type pants with terry towelling inside so if lo does wee/poo it will catch it and hold it in but will also make lo feel uncomfortable and make them not want to do it again so they ask for the potty/toilet next time. like i said, i haven't bothered with these, just bought lots of cheap pants that i can just throw away if they get very badly soiled!!
    good luck, how old is your lo?
  • Thanks for that-he is 19 months-don't think he is quite ready yet but thought I'd read up on it before I needed to start. getting signals thats he's doing a number 2 but not numner 1's and think need to get him to be able to manage to help getting dressing/undressed more. as i say got number 2 due in 10 weeks so may wait until after then-think he'll be more ready then.thanks for your reply-maybe will give just pants a go.
  • I've got 1 potty trained and struggling with no 2 at mo! I switched to pull-ups when i started potty training with no 1 because when we were out and about she could pull them down if she needed to but just let her run about with nothing on at home (this is easier in the summer). I tried the feel n learn pants (the ones that are supposed to allow them to feel wet) but didn't think they worked very well.
    My eldest was only 16 mnths when no 2 was born so didn't even consider potty training at that point but i would say i had a few attempts before she was actually ready, all you can do is try if he's not ready then just go back to nappies. Hope that helps x x
  • In my opinion........
    If he's not ready, don't do it!!
    When number 2 arrives you'll be presumably home with them more and you'll have summer to spend together. Summer is brilliant for potty training - just leave him half naked with a potty and see how he gets on!
    As for being easier before baby arrives, my second is now 6wks old and i'm almost done potty training number 1. She knew what the potty was for before baby but i never pushed it, she's basically trained herself by me stripping her off and asking her all the time if she needs to go. Don't give yourself the hassle at 30wks pregnant, spend the time you have left enjoying special time with your son before baby arrives
  • My just over 2 year old son knows what a potty is and what it's for as I bought one when he was 18 mths and have left it in the bathroom (I heard it was a good idea so they are familiar when ready).  But I don't think he's ready to use it and I've heard that boys are late so thought I'd try in a couple of months if he starts to express any interest.  I thought maybe pull-up pants now might be a good idea to get him to think he's a big boy and that might encourge him to want to go on the potty?  Is it worth it or should I just keep him in nappies until he trains?  I think pull ups are (even) more expensive than nappies! 

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