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Potty training???

Hi everyone, just wanting a bit of advice or anyone's experiences of potty training.

Lily is nearly 14 months now and she's becoming aware of having a dirty nappy. When she's done a poo she will point to her nappy and make noises til I change her lol!

My question is- how long is it between being aware of being dirty and being able to start potty training? I know it's too soon yet but just curious.



  • hiya its normaly anything from 18mnths that they can start to potty train think its about 2 onwards that they can start to controll there bladder.but dont quote me on that! xx
  • hiya. chloe is 18months and has been aware of her poos for a while. i started her on the potty about 2months ago and she was actually peeing in it and doing quite well until she took a tummy bug. we started again yesterday and she doing good at the mo. i dont think it would do any harm just to get used to it just now that way there is no pressure coz she is still quite young. i printed off reward charts from internet. i just typed "free potty training reward charts" and there is a site that lets you print them. ive just used some the stickers i kept from her cbeebies mag. good
  • Thank you! I might just try sitting her on the potty to get her used to it.

  • hey there
    My daughter is 18 months and she has had a potty since about 16 months and she sits on it and knows what it is for!. But still no movement inside the potty!... she is at that stage when she needs to empty her bladder she will let me know so i will put her on the potty but she will then hop of then use the floor as the toilet!.... grrr.
    I am not rushing my daughter into potty training. i think they go when there ready!....
    Good luck with your dd hun...
    let us know how she goes!
  • we do exact same. chloe is 18moths if she wants to sit on it she does if not. i put her pants back on and we try again later. i feel you will just scare them off if you force it. at the moment chloe is doing welland we are getting her to use it at least once a day.
  • i bought my daughter a potty early and got her a doll to show her how it was used it help because when she was ready she would bring her potty to me and tell me she needed to go she still has accidents but who can say there child has not children tend to let you know when they are ready to do things for there selfs .
  • I think It definatly works to let your child to tell you when their ready. When my daughter was 18months she was aware that she had filled her nappy and would ask me to change her. By 23months she was willing to sit on the toilet now and then but never any wees or poos. When she turned 2 I left her nappy off round the house in the day (had some accident) but would usually tell me she needed a wee but wanted her nappy. When she was 2yrs 3months she came up to me and said 'mummy i need a wee', i followed her to bathroom, popped her up on toilet and HOORAY she done a wee, I was sooo happy and proud. For 2wks she didnt do it again thought it was just a once off but then she was doing it all day every day and i took the nappy away. She has now been potty trained or shall I say toilet trained for 2months.
    Next stage is losing the nappy at bed!!!

  • Thanks for all the replies, really helpful!

  • hi recently tried to potty train my son he is 2 in august . he had a wee straight away on it but then started weeing next to the potty i dont think he made it in time lol bu i just left his nappy off and let him wee because u cant force them utha wise they will be scared of using it also his nursery encourage him to use a potty try gettin little undies or knickers for ur child they feel all independant and grown up with them on he is made up wen he wears them good luck hun xx
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