Very large Nuchal fold swelling

I am expecting twins, they are identical, they are my first babies. The 12 week scan showed a nuchal fold measurement of 7mm and I have been told there is a 60% chance that is due to genetic problems. The other baby is not showing the same problem. I had a CVS and I'm waiting for the results. I don't really feel that there is much hope. I am not hoping anyone else is going through this, I feel like I have lost my babies already, has anyone been through anything similar?

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  • hi honey!!

    sorry to hear that the first stage of your pregnancy has caused you some upset, and has made you feel that your babies are not going to make it. Hopefully it will just be one of those things, and everything will turn out to be nothing - that is often the case!

    i dont suppose that there is anything i can say to you to make you feel any better, as this is not an area i know a lot of.

    Nuchal thickness is usually an indicator of Downs Syndrome - some units look at age prediction risk, blood tests then the thickness of the nuchal fold on the fetus, and indicate whether it could be a potential problem. as your twins are identical, and it was chromosomal (as is Downs Syndrome) would both twins not be affected? if one hasnt got it, then maybe neither of them have? - i'm not sure that that will make sense to you, but i hope you get what i mean.

    have they said anything else that Nuchal thickness is linked too? the CVS will look at the chromosome pattern of the twins, and hopefully rule out anything with this. when will you get the results?

    try not to worry too much at this point, and try- if possible- to look more on the positive side, that hopefully, it is just coincidental

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