Glittery Me!

Hi Girls,

Don't expect you to respond to this but chuffed that I have finaly managed to upload some tickers and a glittery picture of me and my two little ones sat on Bram Stokers Bench in Whitby...explaining why Sammy and Jared are acting like dead draculas!

Love Sarah.xx 


  • I like your ticker and picimage

  • Well done!! Love the pic x
  • Well done!!!!! Love the pic, it's great to put a face to a name!!
  • Well done love the tickers and the pic
  • hi just wondering how u do the glittery pic and the preg ticker as i have tried lookin on how to do it but aint got a clue.xxxxxxx
  • Hiya WelshChick,

    Took me ages to get the hang of putting up tickers but its now as easy as pie, I will try and explain in terms I would understand so this may sound simple and I am not patronising you!....

    Right then, go into "My Forum" which is under "My Profile" up on the top left of the page whenever you are on the PP site.

    When into "My Forum" click on "My Signature" this will then give you a box as big as the one that you write replies on to postings, this is where you put your tickers. Now minimise this box and go into Google and search in there there are easy instructions to do a glitter picture, it really is idiot proof, when you have created your glittery pic make that page a bit smaller on your screen and pull up PP again and make that smaller so you can see both pages at the same time, now go to the end of the BB Code url of your glitter pic and click over it until it goes blue then hold down your clicking mouse and drag and drop it in "Your Signature" box, volia! You've done it! Do the same thing for your tickers, I found that was the only one that worked for me, use the BB code and drag and drop it into the signature box and remember to update it all to save it! Hope this helps!!

    Love Sarah.x

  • thanx
  • ok, mine dnt seem to b comin up, its just a link lol
  • Poop!

    I know when I first did the glitterfly thing it didnt work, I had to scroll to the end of the link and click backwards over it until it turned blue and drag it across, hope it works soon for you.xxxxxxx

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