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Hi Everyone image

Just seeing if there are any young mums in here I can talk to image Im 18 years old my little girl is due on the 9th June.

Look forwards to hearing from you image xxx


  • Hi Samantha,

    my nakme is Lindsey and I am 26. I had Isabelle when I was 21. If you ever need a chat you will find loads of ladies on here with great advice. welcome to ppimage

  • hi am jade 22 i have 4 step kids and ttc 1

    hope to chat soon 

  • Hi,Samantha.I'm Jo.I just wanted to say hi.Sorry,I'm not as young as I used to be,LOL!My 7th baby is due 15th May.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.There's always someone to chat to here.Welcome to PP
  • hiya samantha,

    welcome to pp im laura, 20 i had my son jack when i was 18, hes now 19mnths and i also have a daughter lola who is 3mnths, theres a few of us younger ones on here, if you ever need a chat im always about,

    best of luck with your pregnancy x

  • Hi Samantha

    Welcome to pp,im Emma mum to riley 4 and i had just turned 22 when i had riley.

    Like the others say if theres anything you want to no just ask.

    All the best.xx

  • hey there Samantha! Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you finding it so far? I hope you are getting lots of support hunny, its tough for anybody but especially as you are young (but a very yummy mummy im sure!) There is a special place here just for young mums to chat if you do need to chat and maybe find some local young mums to meet? Perhaps speak to your doctor too as often local communities run support groups where you can all meet safely and share experiences? Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy! Let us know how its all going! xxx
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