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Breech baby 28 weeks - should I be worried?

Well as I thought baby was lying in the breech position at my 28 week check today, explains the kicks in the bladder all the time! I think it's been in this position for a while now so seems to be comfy. Is there still a good chance of it turning? Anyone have a baby turn head down later on? I had an emergency section at the end of my labour with ds and really want a natural birth this time. image DS was head down by this point. Any advice would be great! Guess i'd better get the birth ball out!


  • g/c don't worry dd was breech from 28weeks, again at 32weeks scan and at all mw appointments inbetween inc 36+5 scan she was head down and 3/5 egaged, so lots of time for her to turn yet, ur mw won't start worrying until 36+weeks as up til then baby still has enough room to turn...hth xx
  • im 33 weeks and my baby has been in the transverse position for a week or two now. my consultant didnt seem worried, just said that there is still plenty of time for baby to turn but if he doesnt then i will have a c section. iv had a look online and there are a few things we can do to help, like bouncing on the birth ball, going on all fours and there is also a website called spinning babies i think that has other tips. but dont worry there is still time!

    ashy xx
  • Both of mine were breech at 29 weeks and head down at term - my first turned around 32 weeks and think dd might have been a bit later. I think quite a lot of babies are breech at 28 weeks and head down at term (according to my obstetrician friend), there's plenty of time to turn yet!
  • Hi,

    My baby was breech up until 31 weeks. I was recommended a birthing ball which i used alot and also went to aquanatal and also sat on all fours infront of the telly instead of lying back on the sofa. A week later baby was turned head deep into my pelvis and has gotten deeper still, theyre pretty sure it wont move again now so id recommend any of these things. im 34 weeks now and happy bubba has turned.

  • Hi there, my ds was identified as being breech at about 26 weeks and stuck fast. It didnt occur to me to be worried until about 35 weeks and by then, as he was a biggy, he was stuck fast and I had a c section.

    On reflection I wish I'd known about bouncing on the ball, ways to sit to encourage movement etc before it was too late. Some of these ladies have great ideas about what you should be doing, I dont mean to worry you at all, your baby is more than likely to move anyway, but there is definitely stuff you can to encourage him / her starting from now! Lots of websites out there with information on.

    Good luck!!! x
  • Thanks ladies. Reassuring to hear your babies turned round. I will be trying out everything suggested to get baby moving! x
  • I was also breach at 32 weeks but baby turned and arrived 38 weeks. Get on the ball, baby still has plenty of time x
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