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Phil & Teds double sport... anyone know?....


I have just bought the Phil & Teds double sport. I have a 2 year old girl and my little boy was due yesterday!! lol

I have been looking online but cant find the answer i am looking for so thought that maybe someone on here might know?...

Basically, i have bought the car seat adaptor for my Maxi- Cosi as i would like the baby to be facing me for a while and attached the double kit onto the back for my 2 year old girl. She climbed right in and loves it! But then i noticed on box it says you cant use double kit with the car seat attached as its too unstable! But to me it seems totally fine as shes really light and its showing no signs of tipping back etc.

Has anyone used the pram in this way and what do you think?

Look forward to some advice, Sharon x


  • i don't know for sure, but i was researching p&t's the other day, and i am sure it said that one of the advantages was that you could use the car seat with the double kit!??? just cannot remember where i read it!!! am sure some p&t owners will come along soon with a better answer!


    also edited to say - good luck!
  • Thanks,

    I always thought this was possible as its s fab idea, but theres a pic on the box of it used ths way with a big X through it saying its unsafe and unstable.

    Ive been googling all morning but cant really find anything.


    Sharon 40+1 x
  • Ive just watched a you tube clip of a explorer review and at the end it shows the carseat attatched with the double seat on the back so think you can use it like that.

    Didnt show the carrycot with the double as dont think there'd be room.

    think this is the link?

    edited to add... Eeeek only just noticed your 40+1, good luck Hun.xx
  • I have saw alot of people wondering round and I know a lady that uses it as a double with car seat so I would say it is fine, maybe there just saying it to cover their backs in case it was to tip
  • Hiya, I'm not sure specifically however I do know they always say to have the heavier child on the upper seat and if you are using the car seat then the heavier child will have to go underneath. I guess its user beware, physically it can be done but P&T would wipe their hands of any responsibility if an accident were to occur.

  • Thanks girls

    Yeah it could be incase it tips! If i do try it that way ill be very careful.

    Yes i am 40+1 so anyday now!! Im at that annoyed desperate point lol x
  • It is possible with the explorer. They build the balance slightly different which is why with the explorer you are allowed to put the toddler in the back and newborn in a carseat on top.

    However the sport is not made for it. It might be possible to do so, but I wouldn't risk it if the pushchair wasn't made for it. But it is your choice to do what you want. Just remember that there is a balance issue with putting the heavy child in the back and it might cause some problems at some point.
  • I had the Phil and Teds sport and I'm 99% sure that you can't use a car seat on it whilst its in double mode as it can cause balance problems

    I think that the new phil and teds explorer is designed so that you can have baby in car seat on the top and toddler at the back
  • Hi hun

    I'm fairly sure that you aren't supposed to use it like that when you have a toddler underneath.

    This is why they made the explorer differently and promote the fact that you can.

    Personally i wouldn't risk it. It may seem safe now while baby (if arrived yet) is still little, but once he/she starts gaining weight it may be dangerous.

    If you have just bought the double you should have 28 days to return it and swap for explorer as long as you haven't used it outside. image
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