Pregnacare or Sanatogen?

Hello all! ,

I am newly PG image and was taking the Sanatogen Mother-To-Be vits while TTC. My mate who is also PG told me that Pregnacare vits were better, and so now I've finished my Sanatogens I checked out Pregnacare vits, and now I'm not sure whcih ones to get! They have different minerals in them... how do I know which ones would be best for me? Sorry if it's a really thick question, but which PG vits do you ladies think are the best?

Many thanks in advance! xxx


  • As with pretty much anything PG related it's up to you. But for what it's worth I'm taking Pregnacare Plus, and I've also found that if you go to their website you can order them direct on a 3 for 2 offer with no postage, bargain!
  • I'm using Sainsburys own, they are way cheaper but seem to be pretty comparable in terms of content.
  • I am also using Pregnacare Plus, and did so whist pregnant with my Son. I know a few women that use the Tesco own brand vitamins for a 1/4 of the price. I suppose they all do pretty much the same thing, you are just paying for the brand!
  • Thank you ladies, that is really, really helpful!!! So it doesn't matter if one brand has certain minerals in and another doesn't? I'm just wondering why they don't all have the same stuff in them, maybe it's the vits that are important and the minerals not so much? I'm going to try the Pregnacare then and if they make me feel sick then try a supermarket own brand. Thank you bellydancingbump for the Pregnacare website tip- if I stick with them I'll defo order from there!!

    Lots of love for you and your bumps!! image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • If you get bad sickness try taking the tabs at night image boots have a great 3 for 2 on all vits at the moment!! BB x
  • The most important vits / minerals when you're pg are folic acid (at the start), vit D and Iron xx
  • I spoke to my doctor about this as I was unsure what I should be taking while TTC. He said that I could waste my money on all the 'branded' supplements out on the market if I wanted but all you actually need is the supermarkets own brand folic acid x1 tablet once a day.

    That's what I bought, Morrison's own Folic Acid for about 40p and we got PG on our first cycle TTC. What the doctor did advise was to buy a specifically designed lubricant such as concieve plus rather than ky or durex lubricants as they can reduce sperm mobility.

    Good Luck TTC!!!

    Michelle xxx
  • Thanks all!! Very helpful tips! Michelle we also got PG on our first try- still can't quite believe it!!! Congrats hon! image xxx

    We don't get all the vits and minerals and most of all calcium with our improbable diets. Please read "which" to find out which are the supplements that don't contain what it is written on the boxes: pregnacare is not in the black list. So as long as it makes me feel good I take it. It is actually the only supplement that doesn't bother my stomach and liver so far.
  • I have been taking Pregnacare Plus omega 3 with 300mg DHA which helps with eye and brain development.

    I worry that by just taking folic acid it is not giving my baby the best head start in life. So I will take anything as long as it gives my baby a good chance of making it through the 9 months!

    I have today bought Sanatogen mum to be + omega 3 so I am going to give those a whirl now. Sitting here comparing the two, Pregnacare does have more vits and minerals (mg amount wise), but Sanatogen MTB vits are 5 quid cheaper. Which does help when you've got a baby on the way!!

    I think it's all down to personal preference, and which vits work best for you, and putting your mind at rest that you are doing the best you can for bubba xx
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