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retained placenta :'( advice plz

hiya i had my second baby almost 3 weeks ago and spent the night in hospital last night as i had heavy bleeding had a scan today and it showed 2 bits of placenta still there around 4cm altogether big, they didnt want to give me a d&c as there are risks so soon after giving birth so have sent me home with antibiotics and said i will probably get another big bleed and should hopefully past these bits, and if i get severe bleeding to the point where it wont stop/settle down abit then go straight to hospital! well now im worrying bad about constant bleeding!! i just want these bits to come out and blood to stop.

has anyone had this?? and will these bits come out and wont be as bad as what im picturing it to be?? please help xx


  • hi,

    please don't worry this happened to me and it wasn't too bad.

    I never got offered a scan, I just bled up until my baby was 11 weeks old!! (They kept telling me it was normal for some women to bleed for this long even though I knew it wasn't right - never offered me antibiotics or anything). Then at 11 weeks I passed a big clot, looked really werid (sorry TMI coming up) like a bit of intestine or something like that - was pink not blood coloured, about the size of a medium piece of brocolli. Gross i know but the only way i can describe it!

    From that day I stopped bleeding and totally felt normal again. I rang NHS direct as it was a Sunday and they were totally shocked that I wasn't offered a scan after my 6 week check. I went to the dr at 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks and was told each time that it was normal to bleed for that long. It is NOT normal!

    I am sure it will be ok, at least you have the antibiotics. Pleased don't worry, just wear a pad incase it comes away when you're out and about. I was lucky I was at home, felt something weird coming (a bit like the beginning of my period), sat on the loo and out it came!

    You will be ok, big hugs xxxx (hope this post helps and not just freaks you out. It really isn't too bad, just strange!) xxx
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