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baby dropping

Yesterday and today been getting twinges in my lady bits. Tmi but it feels like when you have a tampon in that moves slightly and you can feel it. Not all the time but about a dozen times each day.

Is this what it feels like when baby drops?

This is my second baby but first came at 32wks and wasnt engaged on the monday at clinic then on thursday night she was born after waters going so this is all new to me.

Hope someone can help

karen 36+4


  • It sounds like baby's head is putting pressure on your cervix and that is what you are feeling. It sounds familiar to me as my baby dropped at about 36 weeks too! However, the little minx kept me waiting until 41 weeks! xx
  • thanks its very annoying and embarrassing when your walking around the supermarket when it happens.

    also reasurring that its normal and im not the only one who has had this. my first was born at 32 weeks so all this is new to me despite this being baby number 2
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