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Going to be a long 3 months!

Just got my BFP after having a MMC at 11 weeks at the beginning of march! Can't even describe how I'm feeling, soo happy but so nervous at the same time! Going to be a long wait until 1st scan! Even then I don't think I'll be worry free, ( had an early scan with mmc and see baby with heartbeat) just hoping this ones sticky! Fingers crossed image xxxx


  • Tell me about it. With you all the way. I had early scan in(7 weeks) today. Great saw hb but still not in the clear. I've told it to hold on inthere tho. Good luck xxx
  • Thank you! Good luck to you too! Will have my fingers crossed for you, they say that once you see a heartbeat it dramatically decreases the chance of something happening, so hopefully this is the case for you image xxxx
  • Really hope so. Everything crossed xxxxx
  • Hello guys,

    I'm 5weeks 4 days pregnant, after having a mc 9 weeks ago which i had to have a d&c.

    I'm so scared and have been told to come back in 2 weeks so i can see if the sac which i saw has grown or not.

    In 2 weeks i will be 7 weeks and 4 days so hoping to see a heartbeat and baby.

    I will only feel better when i have passed 12 weeks and seen it on the scan because i saw the heartbeat last time and still lost the baby.


    How has your pregnancy's gone so far?

  • Congrats on your BFP Proud mummy, I know how difficult these next few months are going to be for you, the one thing i remember and keep reminding myself is that this is a new pregnancy, a different pregnancy that Iam going through and that there are no statisics to say that anything like what Ive been through before will happen again, 

    Doesnt change how scary it all is. I had a reassurance scan at 8 weeks for peace of mind and it really did help me seeing baby heart beating away, they also dated me slightly further on. Ill be 10 weeks 4 days.

    We're here if you need to moan/chat about anything image  

    karen xx

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm in the same boat, I had a MC 9weeks ago which I had a d&c for. I'm currently 6weeks 2 days pregnant by LMP and so scared i had a scan at 5 weeks saw a sac nothing else then I could'nt wait so I got another scan at 6 weeks I saw sac,yolk sac, baby and saw and heard heartbeat. I was so happy .

    I have another scan wext week thurs, I would be 7 weeks 1 day. I just cant wait till I'm 3months I no I will feel better then.

    Also need advice and company as I dont want to tell anyone from what i went through before.

    Hope you all have safe, healthy pregnancy and babies. xx

  • Hope you're all doing well. I had my 2nd scan on Thursday and they dated me as 8+6. Baby was doing well and i feel terrible so hoping that is also positive. Next scan is 2 august when I'll be 13 weeks. X
  • hey porud mummy I'm with you too. Just got bfp last friday and hoping I'll get reassurance scan too.Although my baby's heartbeat ended at 9 weeks so even if I get one at 8 the following 4 weeks are going to be torture. keep wishing my life away now . I can't wait til september to still be pregnant and through two scans.

    Hope all you ladies are ok and that you all have healthy pregnancies. It is so hard when you 've lost one no one understands until they 've suffered a loss too. Guess all mums to be have worries but they are naive to the pain it causes and how long it cam take to rebuild yourself after the grief.

    healthy positive wishes to all x

  • Sorry I haven't been on in a while! Thank you soo much ladies, lovely too hear others stories that are in the same boat! How is everyone? Any scan updates? Glad things sound good atm and will be keeping my fingers crossed for you all image I am now 10 weeks, from the doctors calculations! (Think I'm actually only 8) was thinking about booking a reassurance scan but to be honest I think that will make me panic more! Every pain I get I automatically thing the worse and I'm constantly toilet checking! But I have spent the past few weeks trying to put it to the back of my mind! Only went to the doctors on monday and I'm not booking to see midwife until after my 12 week scan! Trying not too think about it too much! Although every time my boobs feel sore, get abit tired or feeling sick to the point I have to run to the toilet! I get a little smile on my face because its keeping me positive! Anyway keep me updated, can't wait to hear how yous are image xxxxxx
  • Aw proud mummy I hope you ok . It is so hard I am having first scan on 2nd august , should be around 8 weeks then . Started chalking days down already. Just want to make sure baby in there safe and sound. Nurse said I could have one at 10 weeks too if I wanted but I know what you mean. The thought of goingf or scan scares me now ,. Horrible as bet to other mums it's an amazingt ime where they meet there baby. So hard to bad memories to rest. 

    I get like that to with symptons , though I haven't had to throw up. Guess we just have to enjoy and be thankful now and take each day as it comes. 

    i can't wait to be over 12 weeks though, never wished time away so much. 


    Look forward to seeing how everyone is x

  • Hello mrs daisy! Its so hard, all this waiting! Just wish I could go to sleep at wake up at 12 weeks lol! Hope your scan goes well on the 2nd! will have my fingers crossed for you! I had a scan yesterday (I caved in and rung the local EPAU). I was 8 weeks and 2 days, just like I thought, all growing well with a very strong heartbeat image thank god! Although I know I'm not in the clear yet! Still another 4 weeks until I hit that 12! But really feeling positive about it now so hopefully that's a good sign!

    Hope your okay? How are you feeling? Xx
  • that's fanatstic news proud mummy really pleased for you. How did you feel before hand?

    I'm ok and thank you for kind thought.  I know exactly what you mean, I have Just thinking wish i had crystal ball. was texting hubby about dates he needs to book off work and was then saying how we could be having our first family holiday next summer. I got excited saying it but it makes me think I need to stop thinking so far ahead.

    I am bit worried that I don't have much nausea , only when hungry or first wake up. I guess do need to pee more, I get so tired mid afternoon and my nipples, I think they could cut glass right now lol .I feel bloated and gassy But other than that not much to report although I think my sense of smell has improved. 

    feeling positive is a very good sign , that is what I keep holding  on too. But I Think even if I come back so happy from scan I will still think I need to get past 12 weeks.

    i am  hoping that all these things coming at once is good sign as I have just accepted a one to one support job for september only to find out I have interview for teaching job. The job is covering maternity until may . Now I know if all goes well I won't be able to complete position but I only have pregancy tests from shop to go on now. So I m still going for job. Won't be until 12 weeks that I know all is well. I will just have to explain to either employer about my history and that I know I can do a good job until end of feb. And hope they understand why i didn't tell them before 12 weeks . 

    So new job , new baby, all that we need to do now is sell our home . They say things come in 3's. let's hope!! 


    Really keeping fingers crossed for you too. We deserve this . We all do!!! x

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