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Oh dear think I just let slip in work that I'm expecting!

Innocent slip of the tongue in work may have just outed myself as pregnant!!Only 8 weeks so not ready to actually tell!Have to keep schtum for at least another 2 until after my scan!!


  • Oh no, what did you say?! xx

  • I was talking to someone about birth stuff who's in late pregnancy and said 'oh I think this time I'd...This time?!I mean next time..' but as noone laughed or reacted I think they maybe guessed it was true!Awkward!
  • They may or maybe you just noticed more than they did. Stick to your plan and just carry on until your ready to tell .it Is so easy to slip up.only me and my hubby know and I l finding it do hard especially with best friends .one dragged me shopping and made me try stiff on and when I said no point buying now I managed to correct with because hopefully my weight will be changing . Which is technically true : )

    Hopefully people will know not to question you until you say something.
  • Oh I've had that conversation too,with my sister,although she knows now-she didn't seem remotely surprised!

    I find the first trimester the most stressful,hiding it from people,worrying about the first scan just hoping everything is ok.Was the same with my little girl,I am looking forward to the second trimester but I don't want to wish away a whole month!
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