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low blood pressure-signed off work?!

I work part time and today is my day off. I had to go to doctor as was feeling really faint and light headed and breathless with a weird hissing in my ears last couple of days.The doctor said 'do you work?' and when I said yes she said 'well you're not allowed to go in at the moment' and then said I'll be off for at least a week and then have to go and get rechecked. She said it's normal for blood pressure to take a dip at this stage (13 weeks) but mine is too low. I wasn't really expecting to be signed off, is it dangerous for the baby? I never had this with my first and when I've googled there seem to be loads of people who have it but are ok to go on,but can't find any real proper info. Can anyone let me know if this is bad for the baby? I'm afraid I don't know what my reading was as I was a little distracted and stupidly didn't ask.


  • I am 31+3 and have seriously low blood pressure. I can pass out any time anywhere. I have been written off work for past couple weeks but also for exhaustion and gestational diabetes! I always have low blood pressure whether pg or not. But it is a lot lower this time. Advice i have been given is not to stand up too fast, don't stand for too long. Plus eat little and often helps. I can't do that on my strict diabetic diet tho image as far as i know it is just annoying not dangerous to baby! image
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