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Advice please I've had the worst week!

Ok so I conceived 4 weeks 5 days ago today I have irregular periods from 37-41 days apart so my last period was over 8 weeks ago and I'm not 8 weeks pregnant! Clear blue said 2-3 last week and today says 3+. Friday night went To a n e for.bleeding was in there hours blood tests done. Back in Sunday for scan was told to prepare for miscarriage or it may just be too early. The scan showed a 3mm sac low down. Today I have had heavy bleeding went back in for scan and thought I will know for sure today well they only saw the sac again but had grown and was higher up at 5mm. My hcg levels have gone up from 450 to 821 not doubled but have increased. I have been told to go back in a week for another scan. In the mean time I'm still bleeding and have a dull ache in my lower stomach now and again. I am really nervous and just so confused. We have been ttc for 7months and were so happy...


  • Sounds promising, don't want to get your hopes up though. If the sac's getting bigger & no's rising then surely that's a good thing?

    Maybe there's an explanation for the bleeding.

    Could you do another clear blue digital- if it still says 3+ it may reassure you. If not, at least you'll know. Good luck x
  • Hi Hannah Marie

    Bleeding in pregnancy doesn't always spell the worst.  I bled for the first 15wks of my 2nd pregnancy much like a light period owing to ligaments tearing slightly as they stretched with my growing bump (which can also cause period like cramps/pains).

    If you're bleeding, take things as gently as possible, rest often with your feet raised to help slow/stop bleeding & avoid heavy lifting (ideally 15lbs is your max limit though not always possible).

    Be good to yourself & you're giving baby the best chance.  Best wishes.

  • Like mrshappy said if sac is getting bigger that must be a good sign. It is good that you are being looked after and hopefully next scan goes well too..

    It is such a anxious time, isn't it? I've been having loads of aches too, reassured a bit by a scan and ladies on this forum.

    Best of luck, take it easy and keep us posted.

  • Yes yesterday test said 3+ and the bleeding has calmed down loads today back to the brown discharge! I am hopeful now. Fingers crossed. Scan on Thursday just waiting! Xxx
  • Good luck & keep us posted! Got fingers crossed for u x
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