Just found out I'm pregnant - scared and unsure what to do next


Would really like some help people! I've just found out I'm pregnant - wasn't planned at all. I've only been with my boyfriend for 4 months. Very scared and not sure what to do next. Would really appreciate some advice from people who have been there.

Haven't told my boyfriend yet, and to be honest, not quite sure how I'm going to.

Would really appreciate any kind of advice!

Thanks in advance, Ca


  • Hi

    i was in your position with my boyfriend. have had only been together 4months too and defiantly wasn't planned. I live away from family so I was so scared! Took me a while to tell my boyfriend but he shocked me and was completely fine and supportive.

    my advice would be to speak to him, your going to need all the support you can and once u get over the shock excitement does come into place!

    good luck x

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