Hey girls & guys! Last night, me and my partner had sex - it hurt a little inside when he was playing (tmi sorry) so we stopped and just went straight to sex. After it, I went to clean up. When i wiped the usual come away. Then I felt that it wasn't all gone so I wiped again.. There was a white/clear blob that was like snot when you have a cold. So, I wiped again and there was like blob of clear jelly/glue type stuff? I wiped a few more times and there was smaller bits. It's hard to explain what it's like. But I just wondered if you think it's my plug or just because we had sex? I have been having more frequent daily BH which are strong.. I lost my plug at 33 then went into slow labour at 34 weeks with my first which lasted until 37 weeks.. My midwife thinks I will go earlier than my last - so I am a bit worried lol!! ADVICE PLEASEEEEE!!!


  • Sounds like it may be just starting to come away chick. Could still be a couple of weeks before labour starts so try not to worry. When do you see mw again? X

  • Friday morning. It was different with my second as it was just gradual until I got a sweep then I had the proper bloody show. Should I call up the midwife? Or wait until Friday? Nothing else has come out or anything like that.. X
  • I think if you call them they'll prob tell you to just wait and see if anything starts happening. Obviously if you lose any water or start having contractions then call them! But it can take weeks. Saying that I lost mine and gave birth 8 hours later lol x

  • Sorry I thought I had replied to this. I see my midwife on Friday. Any chance of it just being extra semen? There was a large amount od semen that come out when i wiped.. It was really thick and not like the usual that comes out (sorry tmi again)!! x
  • It could be chick or it could be a bit of plug. keep ur eye on it x

  • Will do. Thanks!! x
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