Hi all i just found out im pregnant still very early days 4 weeks 4 days image. I have two children 7 and 11 so it has been a while, we tried over a year to get pregnant docs said there was a 6% chance of it happening so we just put it to the back of our head untill i was feeling odd did a test and a faint line came up, left it a week and a stronger line came up docs confirmed it yesteday. Then it hit me IM PREGNANT so i looked in to what we applyed for with my other 2, to my surprise we cant apply for anything as it all has changed, we got the £500 grant with both now you can only get it with your 1st child, we got the milk vouchers for milk fresh fruit and veg, now it is saying we cant as my husband works, i cant remember when we have to contact the tax credits as my husband works 24 hours a week so we classed as low in-come he works part time as we have 2 child with autism so gives me alittle bit of help on weekends, so we are clueless so i was, I know its all early to look in to all this but i like to have a plan lol can anyone help? xx 


  • Go to citizens advice mate they will help Tell u wot u can get. I don't get a penny as oh works just been made redundant almost 14 weeks preg and all I get us job seekers and child benefit. Tax credits stopped my payments and demanding £600 back. It seems as soon as one of you works you get $hit all it doesn't help to want to earn a decent living these days not when u can make 26k a year sitting on your ar$e! Good luck hope they get u sorted x

  • I know exactly what you mean, my friend is pregnant and her fella dont "live" with her but stops every night lol and he works and shes getting it all as she doesnt makes me a but upset that my husband works we cant get any help thanks hun i hope it all works out for you, i would contact them and double check thats right they did that to us saying we had to pay back £1,000 we phoned and it turned out they owed us not us owing them lol i hope you sort it x

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