I've been feeling bubs move for a few weeks now, am 15 weeks tomorrow and just felt my baby kick for the first time! It was a bloody good one aswell! Soooo happy just need to find out what were having now image x


  • Ahhh that's fab, such a wondreful feeling isn't it , hope your scan goes well n it's the result you wish for , be lovely to have 1 of each wouldn't it , felt my 1st give her 1st proper kick while Whitney Houston was on the radio singing " the greatest love of all " sounds corny I know but I will never forget that moment as long as I live , 9dpo today , thinking I might test tomorrow, been feeling a bit crap last few days , so fc ,ff also says I have a triphasic chart n that could be a good sign , won't be long til oh can feel the kicks too , such a magical feeling , so pleased for you , makes all the not so good days seem worth it doesn't it x x   

  • Wow. I'm 15 +4 today and am not sure if I felt some movement last night, def wasn't a normal feeling in belly lol. Can hear kicks on the Doppler but def not felt A kick yet x

  • GL chick fx for u x

  • I definitely think you feel sensations earlier if you've been pregnant before, I'm only 11+3 today and have had a few "funny" feelings, not definitely sure if its babe but think it might be,  it's so lovely isn't it ladies image xxx

  • Thanks hun , will keep you posted, it is the best feeling in the world , so happy for you sohappy, have read your story I was so touched by your bravery n positivity despite all you've been through , wishing you all the happiness you deserve x x x x

  • Hi Everyone,

    As a first itme mum I have no idea but I can't wait to get kicked (it's wierd saying that!) is it really like butterflys at first? At only 13 weeks today I haven't experienced it yet but wondered what to look out for and when abouts? So excited!

    LH86 I've finally got my scan pic on my nub theory chat if you want to take a look although I don't know what i'm looking for so don't know if it's a good one! I just put the clearest one on but I think my Peanut is crossing their legs in it so not sure if you'll see the nub?!

    Kirsty x

  • Aww evemum24 thank you! That's really lovely of you to say xxx fingers crossed for you, good luck xxx

  • You're welcome hun , and thank you too , your new man is very lucky to have you n so pleased you have a second chance at happiness , it warms the heart , hope you are keeping well n enjoying being pregnant, it's such a magical time isn't it , hope the movements continue apace, 1 of the best bits about being pregnant- definitley , even when they stick their little bottoms out under your ribs, hope to feel it again soon x  x x

  • Aww evemum24, bless you, so very kind of you you to say that, you made me cry! I think we're both lucky to have each other and yes, we're both very happy. Its true, I never thought I'd see happiness again, Andy my husband was my childhood sweetheart and we were together 20 years and our little Thomas was our precious little boy but guess it just wasnt meant to be. I still miss both of them but its as ok as it's ever going to be now. Nick my partner is the most thoughtful and most understanding man I've ever met and that's why I love him so much....anyway, enough about me, I hope we both have different parts of our babys limbs sticking out of us very soon, good lucky lovely xxxx

  • So lovely to hear you're happy , I'm sorry to have made you cry , god moves in some very mysterious ways at times ,Nick sounds lovely , you will never forget your little Thomas or Andy but I think they would be so pleased you have found happiness again , enjoy every minute of being pregnant, it flies by doesn't it , take care of yourself and take every oppurtunity to be pampered n spoilt rotten ,have you had your 1st scan yet ? best of luck hun, keep us posted x x x x

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