just got my bfp

Well it was a couple of days ago but I'm so excited been trying for 4 months so not that long when I know a lot of women you have tried for along time. 

I started getting really sore breast at about 6dpo to were it seemed like razor blades were running over them with just a light brush over them so at 13 dpo I tested expecting a bfn but to my surprise I got a faint positive after testing a couple more times I got excited. I'm so happy and can't believe I have a little bean growing inside me. Although it comes with lots of concerns and worry hoping it settles in nicely and stays there and grows healthy, of course we have no control so its just a waiting time till we can gets scans and see them then feel them kick and move around.

Just a question has anyone had really sore breast before af due and find out your pregnant then af date passes then your breast stop hurting but still have a healthy pregnancy.

I also know cramps are common due to stretching and that, but I've been having a lot its not real bad just dull aching but its always there its very very low down just needed someone to put my mind at ease.

Thank you for reading my post.


  • hello lovely

    firstly congrats your entering a super new chapter of your life.

    The sore boob and aches thingy all normal my boobs went on a roller coaster ride until about 12 weeks they couldn't make up their mind what to do then went super bizzare they look completely different this time round i still can't get used to them.  With the aches low down my advice is to rest a lot! i found this my body's way of saying - woah there im going through mega changes slow down a bit to super slow.  After lots of resting, herbal tea and a couple of warm baths not hot like pre preggers just warm enough to feel nice and chilled they do calm down.  Also massaging a nice mummy to be oil into these tummy and booby areas can feel nice to ease some of the oddness going on.  I did this and im a blooming 30 weeks at the moment and have loved every minute so far even the not so nice sickness which came on very suddenly after a beloved cuppa - totally put me off for weeks.  Hope all goes well look after yourself image


  • Thank you very much for your reply rachael. Glad to hear its all normal and that's what I thought about cramps as didn't have them lying down or sitting watching tv only when I was up doing housework. Thanks again and hope the next 10 weeks for go fast and stay healthy

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