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Scan at 6 weeks shows 5 weeks and hcg of 770

Hello everyone, I'm new to this but am really worried. I had a scan today and should be 6 weeks and 3 days but scan shows 5 weeks and 2 days. Not so worried about that, but I am worried about my hcg levels being 770. Nurse says below 800 is low. Going back Saturday to see if levels are rising but breasts don't feel as tender so wondering if I'm going to miscarry. Had an early scan due to pinky discharge, scan showed no reason for this and has now stopped so hoping it was one of those things. I appreciate any advice/experience any others can share.


  • Hi hun i am very sorry you are going through this. I guess the only way to teuly know will be the next set of bloods taken. At 5 weeks my levels were 300 and the doc wasnt particulary concerned about that. It was when i went back for further bloods it had halved and they confirmed a miscarriage So it maybe that yours are on the rise. Am keeping everything crossed for you. When you went for the scan did they detect a heartbeat? X

  • You are still early so dont panic if they didnt. its usually around 6 weeks. X

  • I am 4 weeks and boobs don't hurt at all - unless i prod them -= is that not normal? x

  • everyones different hun. One person might get some symptoms and not others. X

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