Confused over morning sickness

Hi ladies

I am 12 weeks on saturday and up until around a week ago, I had a little bit of nausea on and off but nothing to be too upset about. Now this week, I have been feeling awful with the sickness.

Has anyone else had their M/S start late on? I was really hoping I had breezed through without many problems but starting to think I am just going to be one of the people that have it from 12 - 16 weeks or something!



  • Hi JOJO,

    I am 7 weeks and have not really experienced any as yet, my friend was nearly 20 weeks before it hit her and hers was in the evening , think every woman different !


  • Wow 20 weeks! I clealry haven't missed it, just having the wonderful feeling quite late. I thought you were supposed to feel better as you headed towards 2nd trimester, I seem to feel worse haha! Typical.

    Hope you avoid it completely image xx

  • lol i know you just have to go with it !! My mam had it through her WHOLE pregnancy and ended up been over a stone lighter giving birth then when she was weighted in on 1st appointment !!!

    Hope it passes and it doesnt last with you , just have a ginger nut biscut in the morning and hope for the best dont let your stomach be empty as they say this makes it worse xxx

  • wow a stone lighter - thats madness! Yes the ginger biscuits are definitely on my list, will pop to the shops later image

    Fingers crossed this will pass xxx


  • I had nausea for the first three months of my first pregnancy. I then seemed to hit this crescendo at 14 weeks where I was very very sick...then suddenly nothing!

    Currently 5 + 3 with my second. Getting nausea but no sickness thus far *fingers crossed*

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