Am I pregnant??

Hey guys Im new here,il be quick image I've missed my period( last was on 16-20 August,i ovulated around 28th-31st aug,me and my partner had sex in that time and before hand, I did 2 test today and they are both faint positives I think??? But I'm not to sure,it will be about 17days maybe from ovulation,anyone else had results like this ?



  • I'd say you're definitely pregnant image do another test in a few days with your first wee of the day to be sure, but those are definitely positive. Congratulation image xx

  • I rang my doctor today and she said even if its faint its posative,I'm still worried that its false,I guesse I'm just worrying to much,don't want to be a disappointed,I'm excited though ,I have an appointment with the midwife on the 2nd next month image 

  • congrats your pregnant   have a happy healthy  9 mths xx  my test  started of light then got darker a few days later..  38weeks pink bump and mummy to 4boys 1 girl image

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