Confused, ideas please

Hi, so im vey new to BE.

I have been with my partner for 10 months now and found out 2 days ago that im pregnant, ive been on the pill for 8 months and was on the injection prior to that. I have never missed a pill (mini pill) and take it at the same time everyday.

My partner has a lot going on in his life at the moment with a messy divorce thats has dragged out over a year (nothing to do with me) a teenage daughter and curently living with his parents until the divorce is sorted.

The idea of having a baby is not bothering me but i'm scared what he will think and what our friends and family will say. He's quite well known for his profession and im worried people will think i've trapped him.

I dont like the idea of an abortion but i dont like the idea of people bitching either.

My partner and i have had a few ups and downs recently i've had problems of my own along with him having his problems so things have been  stressful.

Any ideas??


Thanks for reading

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  • bless you.

    all i would say is try and think what you want! if he doesnt want it and you do i know from experience even those who dont think they are strong enough to go it alone are!! i was on my own with 3 of them my youngest was only 8 weeks old!! also sometimes life throws up stuff and the best way to look at it is its just ment to be!!!

    big hugs hun xx

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