Mam Baby bottles, or how many bottles do i need for my newborn?

Hi all, I brought mam bottles for my baby, as i read up alot on bottles.
Iv got 5 260ml/9 oz bottles
and 4 160ml/ 5.5 oz bottles
Do i need any more?
Also what bottle size is better if i do need more.


  • Hi A_XX i think you will have enough with these, at first baby will only be using the little bottles as your feeds will only be 1-2oz  and gradually getting bigger amounts.  Sounds to me like your all set to go x

  • ooh i forgot to mention you will need different teat sizes 1 hole to start with and as baby's appetite gets larger increase the teat size to 2,3 and 4 holes so the milk comes out faster flowing image

  • I had 6 of each for DD, bit what you have should be fine. I only had 6 of each so that I could boil the kettle once in the morning, allow it to cool and then make all the bottles at once and put them in the fridge. I know they say you should make them fresh but my mum did this with all 3 of us and as long as you use them within 24 hours of making them they'll be fine. I breastfed for the first 4 weeks anyway, so when we switched to formula the last thing I needed when dd woke up at 2am screaming for a feed was to boil the kettle,  wait for it to cool, then make her bottle with her screaming the whole time. Having a couple more bottles also meant I was only washinh and sterilizing them once a day rather than 2 or 3 times a day. Xx

  • Thanks rachel, i think im going to get some other teats, well the medium flow, ready imagex

    & thanks ''bellasmummy'' How many bottled do you end up making for the day then, And iknow loads of people who make them up ready aswell, do your make them from the morning for all day, then the night for the night time, or ? Xx

  • I'd make 6 bottles in the morning, then if there were any left I'd use them through the night and if not I'd wash and sterilize them and make 3 for the night and the morning, thrn once they were gone the next day id make 6 again. All depends on how often baby's feeding. Just remember that if baby doesn't finish the bottle its only safe to keep for an hour then needs disposing of and you'll need to warm a fresh one xx

  • Ok hun thanks for your help! imagexx

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