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Hello, I'm really new to this forum thing but hoping someone can help me. I'm approx 5 weeks pregnant with my second child, I've got awful nuasea (no idea how you spell that) I've had a constant headache for about four days and I've got some cramping in my upper stomach. I had sickness for about 7 and a half months with my son and so far haven't been sick. Wont get a midwife appt for another few weeks yet so panicking a little. Is this normal??


  • All sounds perfectly normal to me hun image im 8+2 with my second, and everything with this pregnancy is completely different to my first. Didnt even believe I was pregnant with Bella lol, it was far too pleasant for the first 12 weeks. This time im nauseous and exhausted ALL the time although im not actually being sick. Try not to worry, and congratulations image xxx
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