Am I pregnant ?

Hi guys just wondering if any on would have there opinion on my suitation ok so I started the pill this month ended up missin pill and stoped it completely with 5 tablets left I got break through bleedin 3 days after stopin it and I was due my 'period ! If I had continued with the pill 2 days ago my symptoms are heavy boobs a sharp pain in my left side few days ago and now a sharp pain in my uterus right in my lady bits feelin little nauseous but no sick my question is can I stil have fallen pregnant and hot my break through bleed from stopin my pill early ? Thanks in advance xxx


  • not sure hun think maybe a stick might be the only way to check

  • Thanks for reply hun am goin to give it few more days and test then that will be 30 days since last proper period x
  • Hi Lisa,

    Anything is possible hun, but I think it is unlikely that you are pregnant. It doesn't matter how many pills you've got left when you stop taking them because stopping the pill at any time will trigger bleeding. How long ago did you start bleeding?



  • Hi I started bleeding 9 days ago and it lasted for about 2 days one day heavy then light I was suppose to stop pill last Friday and have my proper period it's a week since that and no bleeding ? am hopein for a pregnancy x
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