Hey all since the start of this week i have been craving garlic bread & also cheesy stuff! Lol anyone had any weird or unusual cravings ?


  • For me it depends on the day last week it was chocolate this week most food seems yuk!
  • Im the same im usually a big chocolate fan but i havent had any chocolate for 2 weeks now il just not go near it makes me gag lol but garlic bread i cant get enough of it image but it seems to be at night il have it although i am trying to be good and just smell it lol
  • i coulnt eat garlic bread if it was the only food left in the world lol.

    i remember with my last pg all i wanted was manky kebabs and jalopeno peppers!!!!

    its so funny what hormones do to us!!

  • Crispy seaweed!! Found out how to make it at home but it's deep fried which is not good but I could eat a mountain of it!!!
  • Ooh i love crispy seaweed i had never tried it untill this year when i was ordering a chinese takeaway and thought hmm i might buy something i have never tried before & got the seaweed mmm it was beautiful lol you have me in the mood for it now image
  • lol now chinese in general i could eat mmmmmmmmmmmm chow mein!!!

  • Its odd I usually love my food but am really struggling feel sick all the time and dont know what i fancyxx

  • I don't have craving for certain things, if I see something on tele I need it right now!! Haha it was crunchy but cornflakes the other day and today it's been a Big Mac! The sauce just does something to me! Hahahaa don't feel too good after iv stuffed my face though! Haha xx
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