I just need to go! :(

Anyone who has been through pregnancy knows that by the end of it there is absolutely nothing you're ashamed to speak of when it comes to bodily functions, and that's why im not embarrassed about telling you this; I haven't been for a poo in over a week and im losing my mind :'( im on 210mg rerrous fumerate 3 times a day for anaemia, and have always had sluggish bowels anyway. I eat 2 bowls of All Bran every day and eat fresh fruit when I fancy a snack, wholemeal bread, dried fruit like raisins and apricots (not keen on any others) and still cant get my bowels moving :'( im reluctant to go to the doctor for a laxative but im at the end of my tether so thought I'd come and ask you lovely ladies if you know any magic constipation cure thats safe during pregnancy? If not then I suppose I'll have to go and see the doc image xx


  • I know you can have lactalose but dont know whether you need a prescription or if ita otc. I know how uncomfortable it is, suffered right the way through. Lots of apple juice too! Nd prunes if you can stomach them!

  • I tried linseed but I found pure orange juice usually works for me x

  • linseeds, prunes, probiotic yoghurt. also magnesium but not sure about how much you can take during pg x

  • Hi

    Maybe have your iron levels done again to see if you can reduce the supplement.

    As I said on another thread avoid too much bread and stodgy fibres and stick with the soluble fibres. Dried fruit will definitely help.

    You should speak to the midwife/gp for advice. You may find they have a suggestion aside from laxatives.image

    Hope you get relief soon x
  • oh hun i know what you mean, if you do fancy a laxitive fybogel is great, mild but very effective you can get it supermarkets take one sachet before bed and i bet you go in the morning, iv had to do this throughout my pregnancy as i can go days without going and end up miserable and uncomfy, sometime even the fruit and veg need a hand to get stuff out of us ladies x


  • Aw Amy you poor thing. I can't ofer any advice but just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hope you feel better soon. 


    I did read, on another forum, someone suggested grape juice as working really well, so maybe worth a try.


    Big hugs xx

  • It's certainly not nice is it? image I remember getting awful constipation at the end of DD1's pregnancy. Regular lactulose helped a lot!

    It sounds weird, but if you can tolerate spicy food, do what I do and add jalapenos to everything!!!!!!!! That usually keeps things regular image

  • I thought it was getting better this week, everything was a lot more erm, normal. Now its gone completely the other way and I have the most awful diarrhoea! Sorry for the tmi, I don't know whether im coming or going lol image I wonder whether its the iron.
  • Oh Amy - hugs!

    Bodies!!!!! image

    It could well be the iron my lovely.  Hope the midwife/GP can suggest something.

  • Ah you poor thing - mine has been on and off diarrhoea since BFP!! 

    The joys!! XX

  • It will be done to the iron supplements you are taking.  I had to stop taking mine as was in so much pain.  Try Spatone instead, iron supplement without the nasty side effects.

  • Yeah I heard about spatone but apparently theee isn't as much elemental iron in it? Im quite severely anaemic so need a high dose of iron. Seems to have settled down a bit now anyway image although, im awful at remembering to take them, supposed to take 3 a day and only manage 2 at the most image oopsie. Xx
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