sick and contracting at 27 weeks

Am 27 weeks and Was grocery shopping today and started feeling super light headed and sick and clamy and got so dizzy I couldn't walk anymore. Sat down and waited for my husband to bring me dinner and rested for awhile before continuing shopping. But still not feeling the greatest and having cramping and contractions is that normal or is there anything I can do to help them? Tried a warm bath and have been laying down since


  • id call your mw and get cheacked out hun.x

  • i'd defo call someone - exact same thing happened to me at 28 wks ans my boy was born the next day and died 2 days old image ......pls call someone.

  • the light headded and sickness can be normal, i had it happen a couple of times. but the contractions are not good at 27wks... you NEED to go to your maternity assessment unit and get checked to make sure you arnt going into labor

  • Good luck keep us posted hope all is well x

  • I always get it if iv been on my feet too long! And if I haven't had much to eat too! You don't realise how much strain pregnancy puts on your body! Hope your ok, the cramps could be Braxton hicks! But I would still get checked out! Xxx
  • My Ob just says to rest and it should go away within an hour but I've been laying down since last night and there not going away, but they are not regular either so idk she wasn't much help and didn't make me feel any better
  • what Demi said......defo could be BH but if they do get more regular then I'd defo get to an A&E if your m/w isnt much help.  I hope you do settle down and they are just BH....but just given my experience, I'd hate for anyone to go through the same horrible thing that I did.

    Best of luck hun.

    AM x

  • If I'm feeling like throwing up and sick with contractions is that added worry or normal for pregnancy?
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