Preparing your first born for a new arrival

Good Morning all,

Its wednesday and half way through the week.  Yay!

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for preparing your first child for a new arrival?  I want to make the transiton as smooth as possible but equally I understand that he is too young to really understand until it happens.

So far we have removed things like the buggy and the cot that the baby will use so that our son doesn't feel the baby has taken his things when it arrives.  We talk a little now about how he grew in Mummy's tummy and came out when he was ready.  And he is very gentle with our cats and his bears so we encourage him being kind and understanding the cats can't talk or feed themselves and they can get frightened and need space.

I know there are quite a few books out there but what have you all found has helped?  I'd rather get him a nice story which explains what brothers and sisters are and what babies are like rather than force feed him something about how he has to share and make room etc.  I want a subtle but effective method.image

I'm sure it will go how it will go to an extent but I'd like to try to make him feel as secure as possible.


  • We found it easier as dd is 4.5 but we introduced the idea gradually by asking her how she might feel about a baby etc and spending lots of time with friends and family with babies. she's really excited now especially as we're having another girl. My friend said when she had the baby she asked family not to fuss over the baby as soon as they came to visit but to speak to dd first and fuss her so she doesn't feel left out. She also brought a small gift and wrapped it up, just a little toy for her first dd and kept it in the car and when she brought the new baby home she gave it to her and said look your new baby sister has brought you a gift to say she loves you etc and she said that went down really well x

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