First time round-help!!

Well on thurs i took a pregnancy test looked at it way too early and only saw the negative line,looked after the 3 mins and there was a very faint line,so i was guessing i was preg because it still found the hormoune in my body? i've been getting very tired,very moody,really sore nipples and lots of cravings,so today i wake up go to the bathroom and on the tissue i see a little bit of blood(very very light reddy pink) so went to buy a new test got home and took that one,now the faint line is getting darker,so i guess that means i'm pregnant but what does the blood mean?? i'm a little worried?


  • Hopefully if it's just watery blood it's from implantation but it could also be a chemical pregnancy. Maybe see your gp as it could also be ectopic.  Don't mean to worry you but it could mean any of those things.  Hopefully it's nothing to worry about and you've got your bfp. Good luck.

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