34 week growth scan= big baby!

Hi ladies! Has anyone else been told they will have a big baby? I had a growth scan yesterday at 34+4 and they said baby weighs about 6lb!!!!!! 6lb!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's like newborn size already! This is my first baby and I'm terrified of having complications during labour and birth because of his size! Has anyone had a straight forward birth with a big baby? My consultant dosent seem too concerned, but they say babies put on about half a pound a week up until birth so by then he's going to be almost 10lb! :S wow! Any reassuring advice please ladies! Xxx


  • My friend had a straight forward birth it was her 4th all her babies have been big but this one was the biggest at 10lb 11oz x

  • I had a few growth scans with dd , at 36 weeks they said she measured 6lb 12 oz , she was born at 39 weeks weighing 5lb 14 1/4 ..... so they don't always get it right , good luck hun , try not to worry x x  

  • Wow they got that one totally wrong didn't they! I just worry incase he gets stuck! :/ hopefully he will be a nice size for delivery! Xxx
  • i wasnt told it would be big but two seperate doctors at two separate scans both estimated the baby would be nearly 8lbs at birth and my son was born 6lbs 11oz 2 days past his due date. they were both off by a good 1lb. estimates are not always right.

    also i have a friend who had 4 kids, all big and all perfectly normal births. try and relax - even though i know its easier said than done x

  • They do actually say bigger babies are easier to pass don't they. My friend needed 15 stitches after a 5 n a half pounder so it all depends. Don't worry it'll b fine xx

  • Hi

    My son was estimated at 6lbs1 t 34 weeks. He ended up 8lbs15 at 40+1 when he was born via c section.

    The weigh doesn't make much difference. That extra bit of day is evenly distributed cover the whole baby so it's really not much bigger in terms of labour.

    The issue comes as it did with my son, if the head is big. Unfortunately my boy was back to back and got into all sort of weird head positions. Hence the section.

    My midwife had said he was always going to be at least 8lbs, maybe 9 but she said. You can manage it. Lots of people do. I think of they thought it would be an issue they would raise it and offer a section.

    And as evenmum says they can be wrong if the measurements are off. Talk to your midwife if concerned.
  • Hi ya my first baby was over 11lbs and I had no idea at all. And I had him 10 days early!!! The birth was actually quick but I did need an episiotomy to get him out but it was fine and I would do it all again rather than have a C Section. Im now 26 weeks pregnant with my second and they are keeping an eye on me and I have a diabetes test this time just to rule it out. I just think some people produce big bubbas. You could have a 7lb baby with massive head that's just as hard to give birth to so try not to worry about the weight too much xxx

  • Thanks for the advice ladies! When I had my growth scan, his head was measuring perfect, right on the 50th centile which is good! It was his abdominal measuent which was big! Just on the 90th centile, not massive the consultant said, he's just going to be a big boy!

    Bless him, looks like he's got mummy's fat gene! Poor thing! Xxx
  • Was told my boy would be big after scan and his abdominal size was big too, he was born 4 days over at 8lb 11 x

  • My midwife kept saying my son was a 11/12lb at least, once the broke my waters they soon changed their minds! Little man was born 8lb 14oz and was born back to back but with only gas and air, I was too far gone by the time they said he was not turning lol was hard work but the midwifes can get the sizes wrong xx
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