Could this mean I am pregnant???


My period is 9 days late and I have had a horrible headache for about 4 days now that won't go away, not even with medication. I am super tired all day and almost everyday after lunch I am falling asleep ( I never sleep during the day). I am having a white discharge that I have never experienced other times when my period has been a few days late and it is not yeast because I have no other yeast discomforts. My eating is kind of "off", my stomach will get queasy a lot and I feel hungry but when I have a couple of bites I can't stand the smell and I get kinda nauseus. I have been having some cramping every day and big, swollen painful breasts but that's also common with PMS so I am not sure.

I have never been pregnant so I have no idea what it is supposed to feel like but I definitely feel different somehow!

Yesterday morning I took a test with the first pee of the day but the box said I would see results in seconds :/  SO after like 30 seconds I thought I saw a faint line around the upper border of the test window but I discarded it as anything.

This morning since my headache has not subsided I looked at the test again and there was a faint pink line. I just tried to put here a picture of it but don't know how!

We live in a village in South America so I don't have access to digital tests and whatnot. SO what do you think? Some advise please!

Thank you image


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