i was just wondering if anybody else had been suffering with this

last week i was admitted in to hospital for 3 days because of it. im begining to dread eating incase it comes straight back up. the hospital gave me anti sickness for me to take 3 times a day. 

i just feel so drained and like people think im making something out of nothing.


  • hi there

    i have this, its starting to ease now thank god Im now 14 weeks with twins. i was on verge of hospital but luckily picked up a bit.

    i know how you feel, i couldn't eat or drink hardly either. i found drinking through a straw helped me got my liquids down. if you can find something you can tiny nibble as well. i had for 9 weeks, i have been sick today but brushing my teeth brings it on x x
  • oppos....never,but I think you can consulting the relevant department!



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