I'm having a baby girl!

Just wanted to share quickly that I went for a sexing scan yesterday and found out that we will be having a beautiful little girl, although alllll the old wife's tales and symptoms indicated a boy,!, just goes to show everyone's different, well and truly blessed image xxx


  • Congratulations x

  • congrats!

    old wives tales didn't work for me either lol. am having twin boys!
  • thanks ladies image @boooey Omg! That's fabulous image xxxx

  • Congrats hun x

  • Congratulations!! image x

  • Congrats! My sex scan is 27th of this month. So nervous! All sorts of things are running through my head!

    Everyone thinks im having a boy and i also think i am and i was actually saying to my boyfriend earlier could you imagine they say its a girl lol but either way il be happy with either image just want them hear with me now!

    Did they find out strait away? Im worried baby will be in a position you cant see. Scan is 8:30 in morning and i always feel flutters in the evening so knowing my luck they be curled up a sleep lol x
  • Well Hun my naughty baby is always face down  on the 2 scans I've hatoo it they were still able to find out very confidently they may ask you to get up and go for a walk or a pee lol for mine they had to scan me on the side because of baby's position, the sonographer said she was certain before she actually checked that is was a girl but wanted to definitely confirm as much as she could and was certain was a girl. When I had my scan yesterday I was 18 wks, and I have my 20 wk scan on the 10th jan so I'll get them to boulders check then too! I suppose there is always a chance they could be wrong, but I think it's very very slim, If nothing else just keep the receipts for the stuff you buyimage xxxx

  • *please excuse the typos, my iPad changes everything! Lol 

  • Sorry for bit of a late reply i have been soo busy with xmas just around the corner. Me and my partner both agreed on not buying each other anything this year and just save for the baby but that didnt go down to well. I couldnt help my self and really wanted to get him things so ive been rushing around and hes having to do his tonight lol.

    Yeah there was a girl when i was having my 12 week who was finding out the sex but the baby was curled up so she had to walk around and drink plenty of water and on the forth time on going back in baby still hadnt budged enough so she had to leave it. I would be annoyed if that happens to me lol have to end up paying for a private scan but knowing my luck it would happen again lol. Yeah i will have to just save everything in case baby ends up being opposite lol. Everyone is getting baby things for me this year for xmas and i keep saying wait till after this other scan as im still scared something could happen xxx
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