Worried and no one seems bothered!!

Ok so my mum came over earlier to help clean. She went into the bathroom and said she could smell gas. The boiler is in the bathroom in a cupboard. My boyfriend has come back from work and said he can smell a gas smell when really close to the boiler but apparently this is normal? His brother has just came over and also said the same and to just keep an eye on it Its really annoyed me as im pregnant and seems like im the only one whos worried! I need a shower as well and dont even want to be in that room for long. Ive opened the window wide open and may have to turn the boiler off when been in shower and just FREEZE as no radiators will be on Im so so worried about my unborn baby and with it being crimbo eve the guy who fitted the boiler (this house is rented) will be out drinking. Why am i the only one who seems to be bothered! image


  • I smell gas near my boiler sometimes but only a little bit. Have u got a carbon monoxide detector? If ur really worried there should b a sticker on ur gas meter that says smell gas? With an 0800 number on it, I think that's transco who own the gas pipe network maybe worth calling and asking them for advice? Or what about calling ur gas n leccy company for reassurance? Or turn heating n hot water off n check ur meter, then check again in an hour or so n if the reading has changed then u know gas is leaking somewhere? x

  • No havent got a dectector. My mum rung me earlier and mentioned the fact in the old house when i was living with her still we often smelt gas from the boiler in our kitchen and we had it checked quite often and was always ok but then when i was having my shower earlier my boyfriend walked in and said hurry up because of the gas!

    I dont even want to go in there now till its checked but being pregnant and peeing at all times isint helping lol.

    Im going to give them a call on friday after ive been to the scan and get someone to come out as i dunno if anyone will on boxing day? But then again my boyfriend is an electrition and their on call out through out xmas x
  • Im so wide a wake and its only nearly 5am ha i feel like im a little girl all over again.

    I just went to the loo. Windows shut as boyfriend said was too cold and boilers off and i dont think i could smell anything so i really dont know :/

    Anyways im gone TRY and get back to sleep image merry christmas x
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